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Workout Waist Trainer

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Make the most of your fitness routine with this neoprene workout waist shaper. The smart fabric increases your body temperature during exercise, sports, walking, jogging, or any physical activity. The unique fibers and materials results in higher compression and helps your body burn more calories. Designed to wear under bra, the high waist band enhances sweating in your abs resulting a toned midsection. Just put them on and feel the results!


  • Instant upper body shaper
  • Unique neoprene material produces high compression resulting in more sweating during workout.
  • Heats up core area, retains body heat, enhances fat and calorie burning.
  • Provide instant body shaping
  • Lifts and holds unwanted areas.
  • Shapes and firmly control problem areas.
  • Look slimmer and skinnier instantly. 
  • Flatten tummy and control waistline

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